5 Things I learned From My Last 24 Hours in Space

Vast. Unforgiving. Deadly. Intimidating. Mesmerizing. & 5 Other Things



There is something magical about being in spaceship and looking at a planet that is to scale. A scale so grandiose and immense, that low key you are panicking. If one thing goes wrong — there you go. You loose everything. Your life. Your efforts. Your belongings. It really is catastrophic.

And then you re-spawn as a saved copy in your designated home planet and do it all over again. If you are confused, then I will find it sensible to believe that perhaps you don’t follow space simulators closely. Well, my husband and I do, and after two and a half years of interacting with the infinite Alpha phased game called Star Citizen by Robert Space Industries — I find it very exciting to be part of the journey.

One of a million consecutive breathtaking view in this game

#1 — Waiting is Future-proof

Star Citizen is *very realistic. The scale, the distances, the waiting. Did I already say it was a simulator? Waiting for my spaceship to be delivered, waiting as I speed through quantum travel, and waiting as I have to use hydrogen fuel to get near a station and then wait until my request is approved to port.

In Star Citizen you have to wait for the random planet storms to pass to continue whatever you are doing. You have to wait and see if ships beside you near Platinum Bay display signs of peace or hostility, and wait for the train and elevator — like everyone else back in the past.

Waiting is a universal experience, but more so, a timeless one. And I think coming to terms with that can be a very powerful thought.

*aims to be

#2 — Transporting Goods Will Always Make Money

Some say that making in game currency is useless and stupid in general, but specially for Star Citizen because it gets a quarterly wipe when they release a new major patch. But making money in Star Citizen validates your strategic planning, your game loops, and your skills in this crazy hard simulator. Due to recent purchases and some sweet rentals due to the AEE event that is happening right now we were able to become
~space truckers ~ .




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