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Andrea Arias

Medium is full of self-help guides, blatant criticism, and little to no stories. Maybe it’s just my feed?

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I fell in love with the art of writing from a very young age. I realized its impact very vividly. First through the literature book compendiums in my English class. It was wonderful. How worlds would emerge as the words kept entering my brain. Environments were painted with the richness of child-like wonder. Echoes of imagined voices animated the scene. And the excitement of adventure propelled me to read short story after short story from beginning to end. …

Small things to take in consideration


I wouldn’t dare say that architectural design cures mental health, but there is evidence of some interventions you can make to boost overall mental health within a built environment. Most of these interventions are implemented in hospitals, hospices, and retreats to aid in the healing process. In this article, I will detail some items you should watch out for, and give a brief explanation on why making small changes to your home can have a huge impact on your mental health, mood, emotions, and behavior.

Privacy — Generating True Personal Space

A Quick Guide Awaits

Welcome! To My short guide of giving good criticism, if you come from my previous article Be More Than Fluff then I appreciate the follow up. If you haven’t check it out, be sure to read it before or after, no particular order is required.

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The reason I specified Non-Professional criticism its because you can’t ever expect to be from a different field and give good professional advice as a default — unless you have insider information on the industry criteria. If you’re a jack of all trades and know a bit about everything then good…

A Short Guide on Giving Feedback on Social Media

Every time I see a post online with 2345 gazzilion comments I am disappointed and rather than be at awe at the virality and success of the post, I look at it for what it is: “fluff engagement”.

From the Kardashians to your local artist the comment sections looks a little like this:

User A: Amazing! ❤
User B: Awesome Work!
User C: Love this 👏
User D: YAAAS Kween/King! ❤ 🙌

While some might argue that this is just a wave of positivity, I think content creators and artists deserve…

They hear what you have to say, but they rarely listen.

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Due to many circumstances in my life, I always find myself being the person to call when in trouble, when in doubt, and when lost. I take this reality very seriously, and by no means am I boasting about this privileged position in a mocking manner for I understand the weight of the trust placed on me. That being said I have noticed consistent patterns that often feel like my advice falls into deaf ears.

1 — Do you want to vent or do you want solutions?

A problem solver at heart, you list a problem and I will barrage you…

Insights from an Aspiring Architect

Same Buildings, Same Cities, Illustration made by Author

When I used to be in school I used to villainize the citizens for the repetitive buildings around me. The rhetoric of school makes it seem like “the people” don’t want innovative architecture and that you can only achieve that through these mystical one in a lifetime wealthy clients who are willing to break the mold. As an architectural intern I quickly realized that is far from the truth. Since then I have done a lot of informal polls through social media to see what actual citizens think about their cities and built environment. I…

I think you are definitely in the right track - I also give services for free. People are often shocked, people from the industry get mad but I also say often also say if you wish to donate - whatever amount is fine, and when people are very happy with the work they tend to be quite generous.

I do think it is a balance of giving for free to generate trust and knowing your worth. …

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Strategies for the ones who try to achieve too much in one day.

Whenever I start a busy busy day where I have a million things I need to accomplish I begin a list, just like everyone else. Now — I am an overachiever, and I mean this in the least flattering way possible. I over inflate my ability to accomplish to the point where is unrealistic — the day would need about 8 more hours for the list to be successfully achieved.


Its annoying but necessary, when online accounts ask you to two step verify your email. Begrudgingly you…

Some quick tips from an Architectural Designer.

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Tomorrow I start my 5th renovation and it has gotten me thinking about the process and how far I had come from my first intern days where my then boss just threw me into the deep end for me to figure it out. While I enjoyed the challenge, I think its best to provide a bit of guidance from an architectural designer’s point of view to those embarking a stressful yet exciting and remarkable journey to making your home space even better.

Search local building codes or find someone to do it for you

It is never a bad idea to investigate what are some…

I promise it is not a waste of money.

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I got a new job! My husband and I were extremely excited. But how to celebrate? I had wanted to go to Chicago, but who could doggy sit? Did we want to go through the trouble/exposure of flights for two or three days? No… Ok. So what to do? “Why don’t we just stay here? In Denver? At an awesome hotel that is beautiful and pet friendly?” he asked. To be honest, I was a bit against it. I thought it to be a waste of money — we already live…

Andrea Arias

I am an Aspiring Architect. My goal is to help design the sustainable cities of tomorrow, build in outer space & help people be successful.

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