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Andrea Arias

Insights from an Aspiring Architect

Same Buildings, Same Cities, Illustration made by Author

When I used to be in school I used to villainize the citizens for the repetitive buildings around me. The rhetoric of school makes it seem like “the people” don’t want innovative architecture and that you can only achieve that through these mystical one in a lifetime wealthy clients who are willing to break the mold. As an architectural intern I quickly realized that is far from the truth. Since then I have done a lot of informal polls through social media to see what actual citizens think about their cities and built environment. I…

I think you are definitely in the right track - I also give services for free. People are often shocked, people from the industry get mad but I also say often also say if you wish to donate - whatever amount is fine, and when people are very happy with the work they tend to be quite generous.

I do think it is a balance of giving for free to generate trust and knowing your worth. …

Image taken through Bing Images

Strategies for the ones who try to achieve too much in one day.

Whenever I start a busy busy day where I have a million things I need to accomplish I begin a list, just like everyone else. Now — I am an overachiever, and I mean this in the least flattering way possible. I over inflate my ability to accomplish to the point where is unrealistic — the day would need about 8 more hours for the list to be successfully achieved.


Its annoying but necessary, when online accounts ask you to two step verify your email. Begrudgingly you…

Some quick tips from an Architectural Designer.

Illustration by Abstract Memento

Tomorrow I start my 5th renovation and it has gotten me thinking about the process and how far I had come from my first intern days where my then boss just threw me into the deep end for me to figure it out. While I enjoyed the challenge, I think its best to provide a bit of guidance from an architectural designer’s point of view to those embarking a stressful yet exciting and remarkable journey to making your home space even better.

Search local building codes or find someone to do it for you

It is never a bad idea to investigate what are some…

I promise it is not a waste of money.

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I got a new job! My husband and I were extremely excited. But how to celebrate? I had wanted to go to Chicago, but who could doggy sit? Did we want to go through the trouble/exposure of flights for two or three days? No… Ok. So what to do? “Why don’t we just stay here? In Denver? At an awesome hotel that is beautiful and pet friendly?” he asked. To be honest, I was a bit against it. I thought it to be a waste of money — we already live…

Research, ideas & solutions supporting its Adaptive Reuse

Check out Thompson Center here, in Google Maps.

The Thompson Center is one of those buildings that the majority of the public (historic preservationist and citizen alike) define as “ugly”, “bug-like”, or my personal favorite “something that came down from outer space”. In reality is a monument to Post Modernist architecture, and its quite an architectural marvel. Within this blogpost I aim to make a case for it. You see, the city is entertaining the idea of selling it off to developers, so they can demolish and create more privatized, monetary enriching…

Three easy steps to help you achieve.

As John Mulaney said, “It’s so easy not to do anything, that the fact that you do anything at all it’s truly remarkable. It is factually 100% times easier to do nothing than it is to do anything.” Doing things can be tedious, daunting, and intimidating just by the mere thought of it. I have found that the following steps help me get things done no matter what:

“To Do List” by Abstract Memento

Psych Yourself Up Just Enough to Get Started

Good mood not required and self bribes are fair game. The easiest way to do a task its to just start. You might be sitting…

Stadia is the future of gaming.

Illustration part of Abstract Memento 2020 Collection

This past Christmas season my husband received a free Google Stadia due to a YouTube Premium promotion. From the very beginning we were skeptical and thought it more as a novelty item. We have gaming PCs, a PlayStation 4 each, so why on earth would we care? We opened the package, started using it and the more we used it the more we enjoyed the experience. After a week we both agreed that Google Stadia is the future of gaming. It is versatile, adaptable, easy to use and set up, and, more importantly, future proof.

Let us start with versatile…

It comes sporadically, never at the exact same time, but that’s the best part.

//??.01// Eclipse kiss on a foggy night, part of Abstract Memento 2020 Collection

When I began thinking about this question. I admit it… I was paralyzed by my inability to give a quick answer. It startled me, and kind of sent me in a downward spiral of self doubts and depression. Somehow this simple question opened a can of worms I didn’t even know I had. Throughout the day I pondered…

I thought of the mornings I waked up at 4:00am. The stillness of the world. Everywhere you looked through the window seemed to be operating like a huge…

The right way is your way.

The Flow of Inspired Thought, Abstract Memento 2020 Collection

Often when speaking with clients they have this imaginary, vague idea of what “perfection” or “the right thing” is. Quick spoiler alert, there isn’t a perfect way to much of anything really, specially when it comes to organizing your space. The key to good organization is understanding your actual life flow. Your life flow is simply how you naturally behave; your actual habits and routines.

Andrea Arias

Aspiring Architect — Currently in the journey of finding my voice as a writer.

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