Are they stories or articles?!?!

Help!!! Medium terminology is the source of my identity crisis!



Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Just kidding. Identity crisis are actually fantastic, I’ve come to learn. Because they allow you to expunge your own self critic in some aspects, and since it’s now freed up, get more critical in other aspects of yourself that are actually needed.

Speaking of self regulation!

Is it medium articles or medium stories ?

Perhaps as authors we wish to inflate the level of importance of the work that we do here at medium but honestly — the seriousness of it makes me uncomfortable. I wanted a blogging platform and for three years of reading the room I’ve realized that we’ve exaggerated our level of self importance.

This is why I applaud medium.

In your profile you switch to stories — not articles. Medium as a company has clarity in what it wishes to be, but it’s users — due to its accessibility and ease of use wish to use it as a portfolio that emphasizes their progress and development. Match that with publications and well — is the validity of it all the fact that people read it? There is no rigor. Or at least no consistent level of rigor within its users. Each individual stands on its own and the validity of their work is dependent on the evaluation of the reader. Wether they do research or not.

Which sounds like a fair a system right? But is that the perception we sent out to others? Are we toying with the misconception of non medium users of what medium is to inflate our credentials?

I don’t know the answer honestly. I’m just trying to find a blogging platform I like. But I’m also tired of looking. So I think imma sit tight and continue to read the room. It’s quite fascinating to see.

This little entry (maybe they should be called entries instead of stories hmmmm?), is merely to celebrate my liberation of what I need to do in this website. It’s a blog. I’m blogging. I’m in a cafe about to go out for a nice stroll/architectural photo shoot and this whole thing dawned on me.

Decided to try it on for size. I might feel completely different on Monday — when I get back to work and proceed to take myself more seriously.

But if this pathetic excuse of an epiphany proves anything is that language matters and the collective expression of a platform affects us all. We are a community, us medium writers, wether we wanted to be or not.

Oh! Before I forget.

Are the stories or are they articles?

I’ve decided.

It neither.

They’re entries.




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