Five Tasks to Physically and Emotionally Prepare Yourself for the New Year

The new year is coming and bringing a whole new start of a decade with it. New Years is a global celebration that brings with it a symbolic reset button, it is a time to start anew, try new strategies, and venture in ways to reinvent and continue to generate better versions of ourselves. But there is a way to solidify such an abstract concept and use the excitement and motivation to actually enable you to fulfill your goals. Here are five tasks to prepare yourself for the new year:

1- Clean your space.

Illustration by Abstract Memento

Home, dorm, bedroom, office; whatever affects your daily routine — clean it. Remember to recycle and be mindful of your waste, but also be mindful of the emotional loads you wish to carry over. Rid yourself of unnecessary trinkets, notes, papers, etc… Free yourself from as much physical clutter as possible, and make sure it smells nice in there.

2- Throw away old clothes/ shoes/ jewelry.

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The one with stains, holes, the ones that you are definitely going to fix yourself, the ones that look weird on you/ are not your color — throw them away. The more you get rid of the old, the more space you have for the new.

3- Scrub yourself luxuriously.

Illustration by Abstract Memento

Treat yourself to a personal spa day. Take a soak, shave every inch of your body, groom your beard, get the more expensive mask — whatever you define as an in depth cleansing ritual with luxurious bathing/showering — invest in making that happen and really wash away 2019 from you. This is a symbolic gesture that also generates self reflection, meditation time and leaves you feeling like a million bucks.

4- Write a letter to yourself.

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Take a moment to have a genuine conversation with yourself. Write down what was successful and unsuccessful about this past year, your feelings, confusions, aspirations — write the letter of critical analysis about yourself you wished you’d receive from the FBI agent that’s always watching you.

5- Set the theme of the year.

Illustration by Abstract Memento

Resolutions are too specific at times, and you might easily get discouraged by your lack of rigor at certain weak points you’re bound to have. Instead why not try setting a theme for the year? This means your hobbies, free time, and surplus effort/money will be invested and revolve around making sure the theme is fulfilled. Use that time to explore your options, research everything about it, and slowly integrate these new activities to your life. A couple of examples,

If you set yourself a “fitness theme”, do some physical activity during your time off, decide to go hiking instead of going to the movies on Saturday, bike to work, try a healthy recipe a week.

If your theme is “travel”, organize finances and strategize your income, place your latte money in your savings two times a week, read travel tips, explore different cultures through maps and videos, try to do some local/regional tourism during your time off.

Setting a theme instead of declaring things like “I will lose 38.7 pounds in 2020”, or “ I want to travel the world in 2020”, will allow yourself to generate more immersive and organic interactions with your aspirations, expectations, & goals, that are most likely in a constant state of defining themselves.

HAPPY 2020!

Aspiring Architect — Currently in the journey of finding my voice as a writer.

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