Fun in Gent: A House Reno You Won’t Expect

From the outside you would never guess the blissfully unique oasis that lies within.

5 min readJun 2


You are walking in Gent, Belgium, and you encounter this facade. What does your mind immediately go to? How does this place look in the inside? Guess… And then hold on to that thought. You are about to be blown away.

Architects: Atelier Vens Vanbelle
Area: 224 m²
Year: 2021
Photographs: Mr Frank
Lead Architects: Dries Vens & Maarten Vanbelle
City: Gent
Country: Belgium


This beautiful backyard is the back of that unassuming home, and wait till you see everything that is going on on the inside. Here is an architectural model to clear things up before enjoy some great photos:

Section Model of House

As you can see through this model, the first thing you encounter is the wooden box that encases the kitchen.

Kitchen, the Entrance is seen behind it.
The Kitchen, entrance is to the left.

While the kitchen seems simple, it also has a lot of presence and personality and cements itself as being the nuclei of the house.

Stair case portion

The details are absolutely exquisite, the wood selection is refreshing instead of overbearing, and the successful manipulation of light allows for plants to easily coexist within its human inhabitants’ functional spaces.





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