Is Roam Research Worth It?

5 min readOct 26, 2021

As the trial comes to a close here is an assessment to yet another word document program.


I encountered Roam about a month ago, and I started the month trial. I had looked at some people use it, their perspective on it and how they thought it made them better. The perspective that made me go ahead and download was the point of view of a YouTube reviewer, which went down the rabbit hole of explaining how it was a research tool far more than a writing tool. Being in Grad School, an aspiring architect with a lot of projects in her hands — I was intrigued to say the least.

I started using it immediately (you know, that new program excitement) and was skeptical on how effective it really would be. Well,

In the 24 days I have had Roam I:

  • Organized 10% of my research
  • Wrote 6 chapters of a novel I had been putting off for two years (total of almost 8k words)
  • Started writing 4 articles that are midway through research & development.

And so was it Roam? Or was it the new program excitement? For the sake of the article I will have to say… It’s Roam.

UI/UX Design

Some say Roam has a bit of a learning curve, and I agree to a degree, that just like any program there are some advance skills that can get you to maximize the functionality of the program. That being said I think Roam excels by some muted moves within their design.

The simple blank page.

Image from author

There is something to be said about a perfectly blank paper just waiting for you to write on it. But it goes beyond that. The blank page feel is a design imperative for Roam.

Image from author

This design feature alone has been pivotal, specifically when it comes to writing my novel. Now I don’t get overwhelmed or distracted from previous chapters. After I am done with said chapter, I can just hide it under its bullet, and…




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