Let’s Talk About Geothermal Energy!

A semi-deep dive on its practicality, current use, and future potential

10 min readSep 11



When discussing the intricacies of the Earth’s innate power, we often revel in the wonders of its vast landscapes, flowing rivers, and the palpable force of the winds. Yet, beneath our feet lies an often overlooked titan of potential — the warmth of the Earth itself. This warmth, known as geothermal energy, has been shaping our planet’s crust, fueling volcanoes, and warming up hot springs for billions of years. And in our modern age, when the quest for sustainable and efficient energy has never been more urgent, geothermal energy offers an unparalleled promise.

From the ancients reveling in the therapeutic luxury of hot springs to today’s urban architects considering sustainable infrastructural designs, the heat from within the Earth has consistently provided both leisure and utility. But as we stand on the brink of an environmental revolution, how can we utilize this ancient energy to address contemporary challenges? What makes geothermal energy not just a fascinating natural phenomenon but also a viable and essential tool in our sustainable arsenal?

In this exploration, we will unravel the depths of geothermal energy, demystify its processes, and evaluate its feasibility in real-world architectural scenarios. Is it merely a niche luxury for those living atop tectonic wonders? Or is it a universal solution, waiting to be unearthed? Let’s dive in and decode the potential of the heat beneath.

Geothermal Energy: The Basics and Beyond

At a first glance, geothermal energy can be neatly summed up as simply harnessing the Earth’s inherent heat. However, like many natural processes, its nuances are both fascinating and complex. This energy has been bubbling beneath our feet for billions of years, originating from both the molten rock present beneath the Earth’s crust and the slow radioactive decay of minerals. The deeper we venture into the Earth, the hotter it becomes, making this energy ubiquitous, albeit varying in intensity.

The Fundamentals:

  • Origin: The Earth’s core, a sphere of hot metal, is approximately as hot as the sun’s surface. Surrounding this core is…




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