Susan your article was lovely. I really enjoyed reading it and it reminded me of so many lovely memories from my parents and my own youth.

You see the problem is that millennials lived in the dark ages. I was the last wave of millennial to be born in 1994. I had the TV with the bunny ears, I rewinded cassettes, I had outdated encyclopedias and had hippie parents to boot. Boomers are made fun of many reason, but the biggest one is the lack of self awareness. Look at your comment section, fellow boomers reinforcing your thoughts. An echo chamber that can’t be bothered to even entertain the idea that what the new generation is saying is fundamentally different.

But let’s not get distracted. Labels. Your lovely article is about labels. While not one person can embody their generation in it’s entirety, there is a degree of accountability that cannot be ignored. You guys are a spectrum, just like we. And while you’re in the peace and love, the horrendously greedy asshole who weaponizes the very labels your complaining about exists too.

Your generation fucked up the economy, solidified white privilege even while it was benefiting from the struggle of other races, and constantly attack millennials every step of the way to progress, even while directly benefitting economically. It is then when I say, it’s not about labels. It’s about actions. And as a generation you will be held accountable.

Loved your essay. It was beautifully written.

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