The Power of Art Within Space (P.1)

Why you need you buy more art — regardless of price.

Andrea Arias
3 min readMay 26


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I was staring at the blank wall behind the new mirror I had purchased. The mirror had so much personality — at least I thought so in the store. And now… it was but a blank piece of bleh in the space. It wasn’t the mirror’s fault. It was mine. Curse the modern imperative for white walls.

As a renter I am awkwardly afraid of painting walls. The more I think about it — the stupider I think it is. It’s just paint. When you move out they do all sorts of fixings in the unit. Usually they take about two weeks to put it in tip-top shape for the next sucker. What’s a couple of hours painting over some of the past renter’s stylistic decision?

My fear is irrational, but I can’t seem to get myself to paint it. I am still working through it — the trauma is still prevalent, but it inspired to write this “Do as I say, not as I do article.”

I am personally obsessed with art. I love everything about it. The premise, the process and the result. I am an artist myself — and for me it is utter joy to create. If I go too long without using my creative brain, I get all sorts of withdrawal symptoms. From headaches to bouts of angers. Like I am loosing a sense of myself or rather, muting it for the sake of monotony.

Yet my walls are bare.
Yet I spend hours online looking at art.
Yet I paint and hide my paintings in my closet — too critical of my own work to realize the point of it existing and myself enjoying it.

While I don’t aim to bog you down with my own drama, I do want to communicate something very important.


Buy more art. Period.
And don’t do it to help starving artists.
And don’t do it because I told you to.

If you’ve follow me or read anything before from me, you know I am all about architecture, space and how your decisions affect your lifestyle and enjoyment of space.

This is why you need to buy more art:

1 — It makes your place dynamic, interesting, and even if you hate it, it will make you think about, react to it — basically tickle your brain.

2 — It is a great tool for decoration. If you’re missing balance from your home design, or you want to transform a space, artwork can completely transform it.

3 — The process of choosing it can be extremely enjoyable. (There are no wrong answers!) It can also snowball you into taking more agency in decorating your home — which in itself is great for mental health!

But it’s expensive…

It can be. But it doesn’t have to be.

1– 3$ art is art.

2 — Branded content is art.

3 — Go to a thrift shop.

4 — Make it yourself with discarded cardboard and left over paint.

Art can be cathartic. It can be exciting. It can be relaxing.

So don’t be like me and get art in your life. I promise at the minimum it will bring something to your life, and that in itself is exciting and stimulating.

Follow me for Part 2, where I actually put artwork back there (and maybe a plant? Check out my article that hints on the power of plants in our s[aces (more objective, less anecdotal).

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