This Marks my 2nd year in Medium!

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On Niching down

I’m still on the fence about this. Some people swear by niche-ing down and the whole ecosystem it brings to life. To be quite frank, while I’m stoked with the idea of making money, after two years of making none of it — I want to write about what I want to write.

Writing Softwares

This one is a big one yes ? This is a highly contested yet utterly useless conversation. Use the software that is compatible with your crazy writing self. Still. I guess it does beg the word count for myself to discuss my explorations,

Google Docs

This son of a gun is great. Cross platform compatibility, voice recording thingy, and did I mention I can access it from wherever my Google account is logged into? It’s quite sensible to like this program and yet, I can’t seem to make it my main squeeze. To be honest? It might be the fact that I went to design school. Am I such an obnoxious beauty brat that I need my UX to be on point ? Perhaps.


This is so 2000-&-late that I’m disgusted by the fact that I bought the 70$ yearly membership anyways. Outside my compulsive desire to waste money I have to admit that owning this suite is not the worst thing in the world. Couple it with your one drive backup and succumbing to this ecosystem has all the benefits of Google drive but with more UX design for the price of 70$ more than free.

Roam research

I love this program. In fact here is an article all about it that I also wrote:

It been two more months and 30$ later and I’m loving it more than ever. The clean design, the features, the fact that I can technically access it from anywhere that has a web browser. Honestly I just love it. This is my main bae when it comes to specific types of writing. Like my novel. And…




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