Winds of Change: The Power and Promise of Wind Energy

Six things you probably didn’t know about wind energy

4 min readAug 20, 2023

The global conversation around sustainable energy is buzzing, and wind energy stands out as a prime mover. This inexhaustible, abundant resource is taking center stage in steering us towards a greener future. Here’s an exploration of this gusty landscape.

Photo by Nicholas Doherty on Unsplash

1. Scale and Ambition: China to USA

If we’re talking about monumental feats in wind energy, we can’t miss the Jiuquan Wind Power Base in China. With a planned capacity of a staggering 20 GW, it’s the world’s largest wind farm. Yet, the United States isn’t far behind in this windy race. As of January 2023, the US had installed a commendable 141,300 MW. Topping the American charts is the Alta Wind Energy Center in California with a capacity of 1,550 MW, followed closely by wind farms in Texas, Oregon, and Indiana. For some perspective, a 1 MW wind turbine can power around 360 homes a month.

2. A Glimpse at Consumption

On average, the US consumes about 500 gigawatts of electrical power at any given moment. Of this, renewables, with wind energy taking a significant chunk, made up 21.5% of the total utility-scale electricity generation in 2022. Such stats reiterate the…




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