Woman Anger Will Forever Thrive

A poem inspired by “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou



Illustration by moremar/Adobe Stock

You remember so many things,
Your mind plenty capable.
You exhaust so many thoughts -
Constantly proving your are able.

Yet you forget to appreciate,
To love, see, and rejoice
The effort that I do -
The merit of my voice.

There are two sides of existence
(As simplified by all)
The one where I am submissive
And the one I make the call.

If I ever dare to do wrong -
The argument that best suits you is the answer.
You will victimize my pursuit
With comparative anger.

I will succumb through silence
In the quest of living peace.
But after every discussion
My sanity will bleed…

Bleed for the anger,
That indulged suppression for so long.
You will ignore the validity of words
Because you prioritize the male song.

And we must be allies
And breed future sons.
And as women we will falter
And add to the problems not gone.

We will pride in the power of our loins
Forgetting the pain in our backs.
And at the end of another arduous day
Those who fight will be named nags and hags.

And so the work is done behind closed doors
Coping with flails of misunderstood activism.
The core of woman-hood simplified
As victimism.

Because our strength knows no bounds
New generations perpetually will arise…
Fighting with and without decorum
Woman anger will forever thrive!

By: Andrea Arias

I wrote this poem after I watching a video by Alice Capelle that resonated with me immensely. It made me think of so many things and have many sensations — that often as a woman I aim to ignore for the sake of peace and productivity. She mentioned Maya Angelou’s poem, one I had read once or twice before. The creative storm led me to this poem that allowed me to express so many things that I tend to bottle up.

What did you think? How did this poem make you feel?




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