Yes Mom, We Need To Go To Mars

4 min readAug 5, 2021

Based on a real conversation with my mom

“I want to build out there, in space. On the Moon, on Mars, & Beyond!” I said excitedly.
I was met with a short silence.
“I just don’t get it. Mars? Is there even oxygen there? Can we even grow plants? Why do we want to go there?”

It took me by surprise. For me, it has always been abundantly clear. Humanity will conquer the stars. We have to be a space faring civilization. All the benefits have unquestionably outweighed the risks. I knew this from the bottom of my heart, but having to explain it to my own mother made me realize that it wasn’t as obvious for most people.

“Well,” I said with patience and love, in case you were wondering. “We have to go to Mars to ensure the endurance of the human race. The Earth won’t be here forever, specially since we seem to be actively destroying it.” I paused. “Or rather, we are destroying it for ourselves. Planet Earth will still be here, the question is whether humanity can be here.”

Silence again.

“But that’s not going to happen in our lifetime, right?” She continued.
“Not necessarily (although I am sure we can work something out), but we can’t think just about our affected lifetime. We have to think our children and children’s children.” I waited for her to respond.
“So these people are risking their lives and doing all this work for a future they won’t even see?” She asked.




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